Web development is now one of the most highly paying job domains.It is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network).

It is easy and tricky at the same time. Let me tell you developing a product and getting it in the market to run and get the profits for you is no easy thing, but we will make it easy.

Web development needs careful planning.The planning of website includes,

  • Deciding the objective.
  • Goal behind preparing the website.
  • Knowing about the audience for whom the website is designed.
  • Identifying and organizing the contents using different structures.
  • Preparing the prototype of the website.
  • Taking necessary steps to implement and publish the website.

Another important thing is that there is a scarcity of around 30 percent good web developers in the big giants like Microsoft, Google that you all have imagined yourself to be in. So let’s start on how to become a future Facebook developer.

Web Development can be split into two categories—front-end and back-end.

The front-end or client-side of an application is the code responsible for determining how the website will actually display the designs mocked up by a designer.

The back-end or server-side of an application is responsible for managing data within the database and serving that data to the front-end to be displayed.

Frontend development

Frontend development is more about the presentation but you need certain things that should be dynamically changing on your website. The pop ups boxes and the various functionalities associated with Google Maps.

Most of basic HTML, CSS and some frameworks like Bootstrap along with a little bit of Java Script is quite enough to develop beautiful looking templates. But even these things need a bit of attention since the frontend area is very important aspect of a website.

I won’t ask you to type down tons of HTML code, its waste of time but you need a bit of practice to master the basics. So start with any online course that teaches you the basic designing of a simple web page. This link would be helpful ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm6CUkswsNw ).So see the basic code and try to emulate with a different style and outlook to your page.

So for this we have a very powerful tool called js or popularly Java Script.

  • Well java script is one of the most powerful languages and does help in not just the frontend enhancing but the core backend development as well.
  • In case of frontend development java script adds interactivity to your website (for example: games, responses when buttons are pressed or data entered in forms, dynamic styling and animation).
  • From fluctuating layouts to carousels to database driven apps java script has a lot of functionality which is very easy to learn as well as use.
  • Further if you are familiar with java which I think a lot of you would be, you are at an advantage.The syntax is easy and very lucid to use.

Scope for Front end development:

Now to a very important point which you all would be thinking about and that is the scope, how acceptable is java script. Well other than websites development java script programmers are at a very high demand because of its use and since it is built into the browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others.

All websites include java script in one form or other, so being a java script expert gives you an upper hand over your competitors in the technical scenario nowadays. So master this language and I am sure you will bear the results you want.

In order to learn Java script, W3 schools is a popular site other than that I would suggest taking a course on udemy or any other site like traversy media.

Backend development

However, good the frontend is, it is useless without the backbone, the backend. Backend development needs a lot of in-depth study of frameworks to make your task easy and work worthwhile.

There is a very important need for a database management system when working on a website. Thousands of users will sign up to your website and all of their needs to be stored securely and a DBMS helps us in that.

The major PHP frameworks like Symfony or Laravel or even JS frameworks like Node.js and meteor may be your armory for building highly functional prototypes, but for high performance, the go to languages have always been Java, C++, Go, etc.

Since it gives them a performance overhead over the interpreted languages. The core of development that these languages hold is irreplaceable.

Sometimes we choose a language based on the unique circumstance in what role the server will play in our application.

For example,

  • We might choose Node JS and Express framework on our server for an asynchronous ad server, or web socket based chat application. Or if it is an API to deliver math calculations back to a mobile application we might choose Python or R.
  • Similarly to work on networking apps and deploy chat messenger type of programs, java is a powerful language.
  • A plus point about one language here is JavaScript, well js is the one language that can be used for frontend as well as backend development and the frameworks like Node.js, React.js, React Native, and Angular.js are booming due to the adaptability of JavaScript in backend as well.
  • Given a simple example, Node.js can be used for building an application like that of restaurant review where as per the location of the person nearby public restaurants are put on the google map and then those can be reviewed.

Well backend development for a website is done using variety of languages and frameworks available. But the most common is through PHP and database management through MySQL.

PHP is a server side language and is an amazing weapon to make dynamic, responsive and interactive pages for your website.Even the most popular WordPress system uses PHP.

  • Very powerful language and can be very helpful while working with files on the server, modifying, inserting, deleting data into the database and collecting and encrypting all forms of data.
  • Very easy to use with simple commands and having a good command over PHP can really boost your chances of developing into a good web developer.
  • Can be easily embedded into HTML. Configuring the web server with PHP for the HTML files is very easy.
  • The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer.
  • A very important aspect of PHP is that it is object oriented just like JAVA and C++ which makes its use very easy. Being an open source language creating your website is a huge plus with PHP.

I highly recommend to master the PHP fundamentals here.

So what I think is having a strong backend command is very much essential for a full stack developer. And once you are one of those, let me tell you, it’s all crisp and fresh currency coming your way…