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9 Must Know Programming Languages for the First Time Coder

1.C C is a general purpose programming language.Since it was developed on UNIX,C is closly associated with UNIX. This made C the natural choice for building operating systems and low-level software on computers because it allowed for easier

10 Strategies to Solve Problems in Competitive Exams

For any competitive exams like gate only concepts is not enough ,you need strategy to solve problems. This 10 strategy steps helps you to increase you problem solving technique and aid in better problem solving skill, watch videos to

Getting your first job in IT industry

Guest post by Ganesh SG, summarized by Rashmi Today, there are thousands of engineering colleges and merely getting a pass mark in +2 is enough to get an engineering seat .Most colleges don’t have good placements, and

12 Tips On Salary Negotiation

The key to successful salary negotiation is to avoid getting screwed.There are two main strategies, The first strategy is to convince the company that you are worth more by skill level. The company has invested a lot of

How To Transform Current Job Role To Data Scientist /Machine learning /Full Stack

The demand for data scientists, Machine learning and Full Stack Developer is continues to growth, and more and more software engineers are working with software companies are switching there So what skills needed to switch the role

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Work At StartUp

Having a job in big corporate office might have its own benefits and might give you better pay(initially) and other benefits and complaints too. Common complaints you will hear from people working for big company is that,

How To Use LinkedIn To Get Job – Do’s And Dont’s

What do Microsoft, eBay, Netflix, and Target have in common? All these companies (and many more) have used LinkedIn to recruit candidates for employment. LinkedIn is an online directory of individual professionals and organizations. Individuals use LinkedIn

How to Start a Data Science Career as an Undergrad

Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century. Annual demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineers will reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020. To start a career as

Few things to know before a transition from Campus to Corporate

For a Fresher,a transition from college campus from corporate is very big challenge.their responsibilities and environment is changing completely. By doing the internship you can learn or understand the IT industry very well before joining the job.this

Writing an Interview-Winning Resume

Creating a resume can be challenging when you start thinking about all the information you need to share with prospective employers. Your employment history, educational background, skills, and qualifications need to be presented in a way that will