Campus to Corporate transitions is a complete change in your life. you will have excitement as well as fear. There will be new challenges, new people, new environment and no one to guide, you will have to take your own decisions.

This change requires an understanding of realities in a corporate environment like the required attitude, importance of learning as a continuous exercise over learning, excellence, ownership, creativity and innovation, initiative to solve problems, internal motivation to overcome internal interference like self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative memories.

Wherever one comes from, at entry level, all freshers are lined up at a common starting point and their growth depends on their attitude, skill and performance.

Here I am writing some key to successful Career,

1.Understand your employer

Initially, try to understand your employer and also the co-workers. It takes some time to achieve the task- understanding the people and climate of the organization. Till that time, be careful in interactions.

2.Be punctual

Try to come some minutes before, it will save your stress and you can work better.

3.Dress Well

choose a dress which shows your professionalism.

4.Stay away from internal politics and gossip

It is better to observe the happenings around you and not contribute to it. Having fun and laughter at workplace will help you to energize and avoid getting wrapped in workplace politics.

5.Be a better human

To become a better human, always seek ways to educate yourself by developing both professional and personal skills.

6.Be a learner

Be a learner always to learn what you need to know. Find a mentor to guide in the career path.

7.Always stick to deadlines

Complete the assignments before time so that you will have time to make changes if required, If you are unable to complete on deadline , apologize for it and ask for extension.

8.Limit your expectation

Try not to have over expectations regarding the job profile, remuneration and other responsibilities. Limiting the expectations can make a difference between success and failure of the career.

9.Understand your job profile

Understanding the job profile will help building and mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for that particular job. Clarify your doubts by asking questions and also listen a lot. This will also help to learn about the organizational structure, technical issues and the work culture.

10,Stay focused

Develop the ability to stay focused and emotionally stable irrespective of the issue or however stressful the situation may turn out to be.

11.Always seek for improvements

One can improve his performance by seeking feedback from his managers and colleagues, who can provide suggestion too. This will help the person to function more efficiently as corporate always appreciate hard work.

12.Soft skills

Soft skills are undeniably the major master keys to create a worthwhile future. So be the captain of your ship, chart your course, take methodical steps and explore incredible possibilities.

Hope these points helpful for you as a learner, and you can get stable beginning for progressive career in your life.

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